Employers and corporate partners play an important role in supporting the activities of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center. Corporate members can enjoy a seat on the board of advisors, where they can directly influence research directions and offerings of the center. They can also enjoy access to research results and inventions developed through faculty working within the center. Corporate partners can send team members to workshops, training seminars and research conferences at reduced rates, and can reserve the center's research and production facilities.

Four recruiting managers watching a presentationRecruiting managers can meet promising graduate and undergraduate students through events presented by the Hanlon Financial Systems Center.

The Hanlon Financial Systems Center acts as a gateway for recruiters to meet students benefiting from the latest developments into data visualization, modeling, risk management, portfolio theory and algorithm development. Because of their Stevens education, these students can hit the ground running, without extensive and time-consuming orientations. Companies that partner with the Hanlon Financial Systems Center are invited to regular events where managers and recruiters can meet top-performing students and engage them on internships and consulting project, as well as full-time job placement. Stevens faculty are able to recommend students based on specific hiring needs at organizations.

Partner companies can also leverage the Hanlon lab facilities for high-tech training workshops for employees. Here, professionals — under the guidance of faculty — are able to try out new analytical and visualization tools to better appreciate the disruptive potential these technologies bring to their jobs. In addition to full-day or multiday software boot camps, the School of Business at Stevens offers short graduate certificate programs for employers and professionals seeking additional depth in these fast-changing disciplines. Building state-of-the-art labs is impractical for most companies, but organizations can work with Stevens to use the Hanlon Financial Systems Center as a training facility for employees and to keep managers current on applications of new and emerging technologies.