Alumni Partners

A student demonstrates the results of a data analysis projectAlumni watch in the lab as a student demonstrates the results of a financial data analysis project.

Each year, Stevens places dozens of alumni at major banks and financial firms in New York City and around the world. Those graduates go on to ascend the ranks at places like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and UBS, or start finance companies of their own that play in the high-tech space. Stevens alumni form a close-knit global network of professionals who understand how to leverage a technology-centric education to create real opportunity in the workplace.

Alumni support of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center can help Stevens continue its incredible placement of students into high-level positions at these companies, and creates networking and professional development opportunities for current students as they seek internships and jobs. By becoming a partner of the Hanlon Financial Systems Center, alumni get the chance to meet with the most promising current students and can benefit from research and other activities affiliated with the center.

Stevens On The Street

One of the most incredible advantages of studying finance at Stevens is the university's location — on the banks of the Hudson River, just a 10-minute train or ferry ride from downtown Manhattan, Wall Street and the world's financial empire. Because of that location, hundreds of Stevens graduates go on to work for finance companies just across the river, such as JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, UBS, Jefferies, BlackRock and Deutsche Bank. To facilitate relationships among alumni, the university created Stevens on the Street, a group bringing together graduates from various sectors in the financial and business industries with an emphasis on networking and advancement.

Stevens on the Street hosts regular networking and professional development events at the Hoboken campus and in New York City to create opportunities for alumni. Events offer the chance to meet newer graduates of Stevens finance programs while hearing from leaders in the industry. Stevens faculty often invite the best and brightest students in undergraduate and graduate finance programs to attend, giving alumni access to future leaders in this space.