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At Stevens Institute of Technology, we welcome you into our talented network of students, alumni, faculty, researchers and innovators. Stevens boasts a more than 150-year history of technological innovations that have changed the world and earned us our reputation as The Innovation University®. Our community is sought-after for its expertise, training, and ability to make a measurable difference in the workforce, economies and communities around the globe. Through philanthropic support, you can advance what is possible, from research and innovation to student access and success. Our partners at leading corporations and foundations have seen how Stevens’ rigorous research environment, experiential education and industry connections make a difference to their business. By joining us, our partners enable and invest in our continued legacy of preparing the next generation of STEM leaders.  We offer numerous ways to work with us that meet your goals and interests, including:

  • Support students’ education and careers. Engage students through pre-college enrichment programs to expand access for underserved students to STEM, a variety of scholarship programs, employee mentorship opportunities and career education initiatives.

  • Research alongside Stevens faculty and students. Provide student and faculty researchers with financial and in-kind support that makes game-changing discoveries within our six foundational research pillars.

  • Bring innovation into the world. Work with Stevens to join our legacy of advancing what’s possible through scientific, technological and engineering innovations.

  • Strengthen Stevens with your support. Expand student access to our transformational STEM education and enrich campus life for students — in-person and virtually.

Whether you want to amplify your research, develop your workforce’s skills or advance the possibilities for future leaders in STEM, your support will make a meaningful impact. Email our team to jumpstart a partnership with Stevens. Together, we can help you meet your business and philanthropic goals and enhance the future of STEM for years to come. 

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Jenna Nimar
Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations
[email protected] | 201.216.5031