Meet the Pre-College Staff

From our world-renowned faculty to our devoted, caring counselors and RAs, we’re as proud of our people as we are of our programs. By the end of your session, they’ll feel like family.

Our Mission

The Office of Pre-College Programs upholds the mission and values of Stevens Institute of Technology while assisting participants in finding their inspiration in STEAM or business education. Our team provides high school students with academic and social enrichment programs for participants to experience a collegiate atmosphere first-hand and understand undergraduate degree programs and professional opportunities. We strive to foster a supportive community where students, faculty and staff may explore their skills and interests in a productive manner. Our goal is to increase interest in STEAM education and support the recruitment efforts of Stevens Institute of Technology.

Resident Advisors

Our Resident Advisors (RAs) provide careful supervision and help foster a strong and supportive social atmosphere in the residence hall. RAs are carefully selected Stevens students who have completed an intensive training program. Curfews and other safety measures are strictly enforced by the RAs during the evening hours.


Our counselors take pride in focusing first and foremost on the well-being of our pre-college students. Counselors will guide students during all classes, site visits, weekend trips, and some of our evening activities. Counselors do not have other jobs and are not taking classes during pre-college sessions, and they look after the safety and well being of our students, while they are here for this awesome collegiate experience.

Our Staff

Joel Rolon
Director of Pre-College Programs
[email protected]

Josette Rubio
Assistant Director of Pre-College Programs
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Brita James
Coordinator of Pre-College Programs
[email protected]