Mathematics Immersion Program (MIP)

The Mathematics Immersion Program (MIP) is a three-week summer program for New Jersey Undergraduates currently enrolled at New Jersey Colleges and Universities, and who are recipients of a New Jersey Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) grant. The program is coordinated by the Stevens Technical Enrichment Program (STEP) / EOF staff at Stevens Institute of Technology.

MIP is conducted each summer on the campus of Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken NJ. The program traditionally begins the second Sunday in July. There is no fee to apply or attend the program.

The primary goals of MIP are to help EOF students:

  • Improve their understanding and application of general mathematics concepts;

  • Increase their confidence in and comfort with mathematics;

  • Gain a better understanding of the role of mathematics in their daily lives and in their chosen major/careers.

MIP is a challenging academic program with rewarding social experiences. At the start of the program, participants will be administered a pre-test to be placed in appropriate mathematics courses, including: Pre-Algebra/Algebra, Trigonometry, and Pre-Calculus/Calculus. Students will receive academic instruction, obtain tutoring and other academic assistance from current Stevens students, attend professional and personal development seminars, and participate in social events. Accepted students will reside in double occupancy rooms in residence halls on Stevens' campus Sundays through Fridays and attend classes daily. All participants are required to reside on campus during the week and return home for the weekends. This residential requirement allows students the opportunity to develop friendships with peers from other New Jersey colleges and universities, as well as work together to gain shared experiences about mathematics and its role in the world after college.


Students interested in attending MIP must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Currently enrolled undergraduate at a New Jersey College or University, and be receiving an EOF grant;

  • Completed (or in the process of completing) basic skills coursework including a mathematics course;

  • Demonstrated need for assistance to improve mathematics skills or confidence (confirmed by EOF staff at the participant's institution who serves as a recommender);

  • Willing and able to reside on the Stevens campus for the duration of the program;

  • Cannot concurrently be employed Sunday evenings –Friday afternoons.

Application Process

Students interested in applying to MIP must submit the following

  1. A completed MIP application 

  2. Resume (sent to [email protected])

  3. Transcript, unofficial or official (sent to [email protected])

The Mathematics Immersion Program (MIP) is funded by the State of New Jersey, Office of the Secretary of Higher EducationEducational Opportunity Fund (EOF).For more information contact, [email protected], 201-216-5387