Grievance Procedure

Any Stevens student, who believes that they have experienced discrimination on the basis of disability or have been denied access or accommodations required by law; shall have the right to file a grievance through the grievance process detailed below.

Grievance Procedure

The grievance process addresses the following types of concerns:

  • Disagreements or denials related to disability designation and status

  • Denial of a requested accommodations and/or services

  • Reports of inaccessibility of a University program, activity, or facility

  • Alleged harassment or discrimination on the grounds of a disability

Students are encouraged to consult with the Director of Disability Services. If a student is not satisfied with the outcome from the Office of Disability Services, the student may then have the grievance reviewed by the Dean of Students.

Contact information for the Dean of Students is as follows:

Kenneth Nilsen

T: 201 216 5699
F: 201 216 8946
E: [email protected]