Gear Society

Teal gearEstablished in 2016, the Gear Society honors Stevens’ rich mechanical engineering history and recognizes the faithful donors who play an important role in driving Stevens forward. 

Loyal supporters are to Stevens what gears are to machines: they transmit power. Consecutive, annual giving, at every level, helps raise Stevens’ prestige and represents confidence in its trajectory. 

The Gear Society recognizes donors who have given loyally for three or more consecutive years and who continue to give annually, with special recognition given for 5-year increments. The Gear Society honors dedicated supporters by focusing on participation, not amount. Annual, consecutive giving powers student success, faculty excellence, and a vibrant campus, now and for many years to come.  

A Tradition of Giving 

By supporting Stevens annually, Gear Society members are instrumental to Stevens’ ability to plan for the future. Gear Society members provide an immediate impact for students, faculty, programs, and campus, while demonstrating the long-term value of annual contributions to Stevens. 

Be a Sustainer

Alumni and friends who make recurring gifts help sustain the university and ensure a steady source of support for Stevens’ renowned faculty, talented students, and groundbreaking research. Setting up a recurring annual gift is convenient, customizable, and environmentally friendly. It’s an easy way to make a big impact that works for your budget and schedule.

Staff Contact 

Allison J. Kolb
Director of Annual Giving
[email protected] | 201.216.5249