Enrolling Properly as an F-1 Student

As per F-1 Student Regulations, students must enroll properly each fall and spring semester.

F-1 Student Type

Credit Requirement

Undergraduate Students

12 Credits

Graduate Students

9 Credits

Certificate Students

6 Credits

Of the requirements listed above, only one course, worth up to three credits, may be a web campus or hybrid style course. All other courses within the requirements must be on campus.

Any courses taken above these requirements may be on campus or web campus/hybrid.

*Please note that 'hybrid' style courses and CPT Practicum courses are considered online enrollment.

First-semester graduate students can find information about the English Language Proficiency policy on the ELC Webpage, as well as guidance regarding the English Language Communication courses. 

Swapping Courses before or during the Add/Drop Period

Students taking the minimum number of credits required who wish to swap one of their courses for another should add their new course to their enrollment prior to dropping the course they do not wish to take.

This will allow you to make changes to your schedule without violating your immigration status.

This does not apply to students who are taking 12 (for Graduate students) or 15 (Undergraduate students) credits or more.

F-1 Student Enrollment Examples

Special Considerations