Archived Individual Learning Goal Reports

Undergraduate Programs

B.Sc. in Business (BSB)

BSB Goal 1: Communications (Murphy, Stein)
BSB Goal 2: Teams (Aronson)
BSB Goal 3: Technology (Parfett)
BSB Goal 4: Problem Solving (Tonoyan) (archived)

B.Sc. in Quantitative Finance (QF)

QF Goal 1: Communications (Ghoddusi, Stein)
QF Goal 2: Teams (Aronson)
QF Goal 3: Comprehensive (Houlihan) (archived)
QF Goal 4: Financial Models (Creamer)

Graduate Programs

M.S. in Business Intelligence & Analytics (BI&A)

BIA Goal 1: Communication (Stohr, Stein)
BIA Goal 2: Teaming (Lappas)
BIA Goal 3: Comprehensive (Asakiewicz)
BIA Goal 4: Data Modeling (Morabito) (archived)
BIA Goal 5: Models (Creamer) 

M.S. in Information Systems (MSIS)

MSIS Goal 1: Communications (zur Muehlen, Stein) 
MSIS Goal 2: Teaming (Holahan)
MSIS Goal 3: Strategic Alignment (Parfett)
MSIS Goal 4: Integrated Architecture (zur Muehlen) (archived)
MSIS Goal 5: Design Process (Stohr) 

M.S. in Management (MSM)

MSM Goal 1: Communications (Dominick, Stein)
MSM Goal 2: Teaming (Holahan)
MSM Goal 3: Competitive Strategy (Chen)
MSM Goal 4: Analytical Problem Solving (Mithani)

M.S. in Technology Management for Experienced Professionals (MSTM)

MSTM Goal 1: Communications (Dominick, Stein)
MSTM Goal 2: Teaming (Dominick)
MSTM Goal 3: Tech Strategy (Frank)
MSTM Goal 4: Strategic Initiatives (Koen)
MSTM Goal 5: Financial Analysis (Ginsberg) (archived)


MBA Goal 1: Communications (Dominick, Stein)
MBA Goal 2: Teaming (Aronson)
MBA Goal 3: Competitive Strategy (Chen)
MBA Goal 4: Analytical Problem Solving (Mithani)
MBA Goal 5: Capstone (Ginsberg) (archived)

M.S. in Enterprise Project Management (EPM)

EPM Goal 1: Communication (Repoussis, Stein)
EPM Goal 2: Teams (Holahan)
EPM Goal 3: Project Value (Lechler)
EPM Goal 4: Project Leadership (Aronson)

M.S. in Finance (FIN)

FIN Goal 1: Communication (Banerjee, Bonini)
FIN Goal 2: Teams (Banerjee, Bonini)
FIN Goal 3: Quantitative Methods (Bozdog)
FIN Goal 4: Performance of Business (Gousgounis)

M.S. in Financial Engineering (FE)

FE Goal 1: Communication (Cui, Stein)
FE Goal 2: Team Learning (Ndiaye)
FE Goal 3: Derivative Pricing (Florescu)
FE Goal 4: Advanced Derivatives (Bozdog)

M.S. in Financial Analytics (FA)

FA Goal 1: Communication (Cui, Stein)
FA Goal 2: Teamwork (Lonon)
FA Goal 3: Data Mining and Analysis (Bozdog)

Ph.D. in Business Administration

Ph.D. Goal 1: Communications (Lechler) (archived)
Ph.D. Goal 2: Research (Lechler) (archived)
Ph.D. Goal 3: Teaching (Lechler) (archived)