Graduate Student Academic Requests

This page describes the various types of academic requests a graduate student can submit through Workday, Stevens student information system. All requests must be initiated by the student and will be routed to the relevant faculty and staff for review and approval.

The most common academic request types are listed below. For a complete list of all requests, please see here. For detailed information about how to create new requests and view existing requests, , please see here. All requests will be completed within Workday and take on average 3-5 business days to be processed. The submission of a request is not a guarantee that the request will be approved. If there are issues with a request, it will be sent back to the student for revision.

Common Graduate Academic Requests

  • Application for Transfer Credit

  • Application for a Degree with Thesis

  • Credit Overload Enrollment

  • Course by Application

  • Course by Examination

  • Change Requirements Effective Date

  • Change Grading Basis (Audit a Course)

  • Research Activity Reports (i.e.: Doctoral Research Activity Report)

  • Doctoral Milestones (i.e.: Dissertation Advisory Committee Nomination)

  • Expected Completion Date Change

  • Incomplete Petition

  • Letter of Completion

  • Letter of Enrollment

  • Leave of Absence or Return from Leave of Absence