AACSB Standards and Support Documents

Assurance of Learning

#14 Program AoL Plans (Archived)
14a Program Academic Committees 14b Course Coordinators 14c AoL Close Loop Process

#15 Individual Learning Goal Reports (Archived)

#16 AoL Assessment Reports - Current assessment status  [Archives: March 2022 : Sep 2019]
16a Significant AoL Improvements by Program
16b Archived Significant AoL Improvements by Program (2015-16 : 2016-17 : 2017-18 : 2018-19)

Students and Student Support Services

#17 Undergraduate Honor System

#18 Graduate and Undergraduate Admissions
18a Undergraduate Admissions
18b Graduate Admissions

#19 Office of Career Services


#20 Physical Infrastructure, Library and Computing
20a Physical Infrastructure
20b Computing Infrastructure
20c Library

#21 WebCampus