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Empower the Next Generation with Giving Day 2024

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Every day, we witness how generative AI, machine learning and the massive amounts of data being generated change the business world in ways that were unimaginable just a few short years ago. The digital revolution has focused business education on developing leaders who can be analytical, adapt to emerging technologies and anticipate new opportunities and challenges.

That’s where the Stevens School of Business comes in.

We’re committed to providing our students with an industry-ready education and opportunities outside the classroom to enrich their experience and prepare them for success. It’s also imperative we remain committed to providing faculty with the necessary resources to continue their groundbreaking research.

We can’t do it on our own. Stevens Institute of Technology will host its annual Stevens Day of Giving from noon (ET) on Thursday, February 15 to 7:10 pm (ET) on Friday, February 16. That’s 1,870 minutes to show your support!

Here are two ways your generosity is poised to make an impact.

Study Abroad

As the world becomes more interconnected through technology, gaining first-hand experience through a global lens can give students a competitive advantage in the workplace. The School of Business prides itself on providing these educational opportunities through an array of study abroad programs. Your support funds scholarships to students like Anthony Troyan, a sophomore business and technology major, currently studying at the Florence University of the Arts in Italy.

“Receiving the support from the scholarship has allowed me to fulfill my goals and to see and travel to new places that I could have never experienced before,” shared Anthony.

Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

Since launching in 2022, the Inclusive Leadership Program has been providing students with the tools they need to embrace each other’s differences and ensure everyone feels heard and valued. The program explores why and how inclusive leadership not only supports employees but also bolsters the bottom line.

“We’ve been relying on bringing in outside perspectives and experts into this program. There’s funding that’s required to do this,” explained program co-director Pete Dominick.

Rally together for students and celebrate our power to inspire.

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