Faculty Guidelines for Instruction

Faculty Guidelines

  • Syllabus Integration: Scheduling instruction in conjunction with a research assignment that is due later in the semester will provide context for students and is a critical component for student motivation and learning.

  • Scheduling: Please submit instruction requests at least two weeks in advance. Classes requested with less than two weeks notice will be scheduled subject to librarians’ discretion. To arrange session(s), please contact Vicky Ludas Orlofsky, Instruction Coordinator.

  • Location: Instruction sessions are usually conducted in the Library. In certain cases, instruction can be held in alternate locations, such as classrooms or other rooms on-campus.

  • Faculty Involvement and Collaboration:

    • The faculty member will collaborate with the librarian to design an instruction session and course guide (see below) to meet the research needs of the class. The course instructor should provide relevant course material such as the syllabus, course assignment and student topics to the librarian as well as communicate the student learning outcomes.

    • Faculty members are required to be present at the session to demonstrate to students that the instruction session is an integral part of the coursework as well as the value of research skills to the outcome of the assignment.

  • Course Guides: The Library’s course guides highlight information about the range of resources relevant to the course (e.g. recommended databases, ebooks, citation tools). Course guides are developed prior to the session(s) and presented in class, and remain accessible on the Library’s website on an ongoing basis.