Teaching with Extended Reality (XR) Faculty Showcase 2024

XR Faculty Showcase 2024 Presenters Dr. Thomas Lonon, Dr. Alyssa Hensley, and Dr. Alexandre G. de Siqueira

Using immersive extended reality (XR) technologies, students and instructors can explore, learn and teach in places and in ways that extend beyond the physical world. Extended reality (XR) technologies include virtual reality (VR), mixed reality (MR) and augmented reality (AR). 

Dr. Thomas Lonon (School of Business) and Dr. Alyssa Hensley (Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science) will each share how they incorporated virtual reality (VR) into instruction, in collaboration with the Division of Information Technology’s XR Lab

Dr. Alex Gomes de Siqueira from the University of Florida will then share his experience teaching Virtual Reality for the Social Good. In this course, students (solvers) delve into fundamental concepts of virtual reality and empathic communication and are paired with members of the community (seekers) to tackle real-world challenges using immersive technology. 

Join this Zoom session to learn about the impact of XR technology on student learning, as well as best practices and recommendations for using immersive technologies in instruction. 

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