Systems Leader Seminar Series: Australia's Sustainable Energy System Transformation

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Australia's Sustainable Energy System Transformation: Techno-economic & Life Cycle Assessments of Hydrogen Energy Technologies

The School of Systems and Enterprises is excited to welcome Nawshad Haque from Australia. Haque works alongside SSE professor Amro Farid for CSIRO in Australia, helping lead the nation's efforts of reaching net-zero emissions by the year 2050.

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The sustainable energy system transformation remains a pressing global challenge with various countries proceeding at different speeds. In Australia, work is underway to decarbonize many energy industries. Innovative technologies, including "green" hydrogen produced from renewable energy, are proposed to reduce carbon emissions and advanced the transition to sustainability.

To objectively compare the environmental impact of technologies that generate and consume electric and thermal power, a life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology is required. It is now recognized as a method for measuring the environmental impacts of products, processes, and services. To initiate the audience to LCA, examples of various electricity sources and their carbon footprints will be presented in the context of energy industries.

Dr. Nawshad Haque is a principal research scientist at the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) Australia and leads the Technoeconomics for Decarbonisation Team in the Energy Technologies Program.

Dr. Haque has over 21 years' R&D experience since earning a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from the University of Sydney. In his current role, Dr. Haque has initiated several large international multiparty collaborative research relationships with governments and industries leading to the establishment of multi-million-dollar projects related to various technologies for science capacity development. Dr. Haque is the leader for the CSIRO BCSIR Bangladesh and RMIT University long-term collaboration program for scientific research capability development in Bangladesh.