Self-Advocacy: Bringing Your Chair to the Table

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In this dynamic workshop offered by the Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program, you'll delve into the significance of cultivating robust self-advocacy skills to foster inclusion and reap its benefits. Explore the two pivotal dimensions of self-advocacy - understanding and effectively communicating one's worth. You'll have an opportunity to practice techniques of skillful application in various scenarios, such as at school and in interviews. You will also learn about navigating cultural, gender, and age expectations that might impede successful self-advocacy, and engage in exercises to help you overcome these challenges.

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The workshop will be facilitated by Deborah Sgro. Deborah is a certified career coach with a private practice, Beyond The Glass Ceiling, LLC, coaching technology and business professionals at all levels. As a former senior technologist professional, Deborah worked on Wall Street for over 40 years developing technical solutions for the financial industry. She holds two master's degrees from Stevens Institute of Technology (Computer Science, and Technology Management) and is on the Board of Advisors for Women in Big Data where she is also the Global Mentoring Director. Deborah also addresses corporate clients on all aspects of career advancement and skill development.

Event Contact: Neha