Inclusive Leadership Speed Mentoring with Stevens Alums, Sponsored by Stevens Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program

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Mentorship matters. Mentors can provide guidance, reassurance, and opportunities that can have a lifelong impact for their mentees. Mentees can provide fresh perspectives, skill refinement and leadership develop opportunities for their mentors. It’s a win-win situation.

The Inclusive Leadership Certificate Program looks to foster these meaningful connections through the lens of inclusive leadership during a speed mentoring event for undergraduate and graduate students with a mix of Stevens alumni* from different backgrounds, professions, organizations, industries and experience levels.

After a brief panel discussion on critical inclusive leadership capabilities, attendees will engage in multiple rounds of small-group speed mentoring with alums. Refreshments will be provided afterwards and offer an opportunities to continue your conversations. 

This is a fantastic opportunity to hear personal stories and gain first-hand insights from Stevens alumni on critical inclusive leadership capabilities, get answers on pressing questions and establish potential longer-term relationships.

The information of participating alumni can be here.

Event Contact: Neha