Student Refunds for Overpayment

Student refunds are based on a student's current account balance. Refund checks will not be issued or mailed until after the last day of add/drop. Students with a Stevens Tuition Payment Plan (TMS) and a resulting student account credit balance, will not receive a refund from the university until their TMS contract is paid in full. The Student Accounts Office recommends that these students contact TMS for a budget adjustment. Refund checks will be mailed to your address on file in the following order, first to your Billing Address; if none is present then to your Local Address, if none is present then to your Permanent Address. We make every effort avoid mailing checks to international addresses. Please make sure you have a local address on file. Please review and if necessary update your address through your myStevens account.

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Return of Title IV Funds Information

Please visit the Office of Financial Aid's Financial Aid Refund Policy: Title IV Recipients for refund calculations for students receiving Title IV financial aid who completely withdraw from Stevens.

Refunds for Credit Balances

The Office of Student Accounts shall issue refunds to all students for payment amounts received in excess of the amounts due to Stevens. Excess payments made by third parties or outside organizations shall be refunded in accordance with the direction of that organization. This policy applies to all Stevens students and their accounts with Steven.

Refunds shall be issued by check no later than the time period required by law and regulations.  No cash refunds will be provided. Students are expected to notify Stevens of any changes to their address by updating their student record to ensure the timely receipt of a refund check. Refunds shall not be issued to anyone other than the student, parent borrower or their corporate sponsor (if applicable). Returned refund checks shall be subject to the State of New Jersey unclaimed property law and turned over to the State of New Jersey as required.

Student Refund Check Request Form

Refund from Title IV funds are automatically processed based on federal regulations and do not require this form. If you made a payment on your student account that has generated a credit balance and would like a refund please fill out and submit the Student Refund Check Request Form

International students no longer residing in the United States, please fill out and submit the International Student Refund Request Form.

Students needing additional assistance, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at [email protected]

Missing Check Resolution Form

If a refund check has been issued to you over 2 weeks ago and you have not received it please fill out and submit the Missing Check Resolution Form