The Stevens Alumni Association is led by a Board of Directors that not only represents diverse alumni community, but also works with other members of the Stevens Community on shared goals and objectives in order to enhance Stevens’ reputation.

We encourage every alumni to review the SAA Constitution and Bylaws to learn more about the duties of these Directors.  To learn more about the Board of Directors or becoming involved with the SAA: [email protected]


Victoria Velasco ’04
President, Executive Committee Chair

Devendra Manhas ’88
First Vice-President

Jeffrey Capone ’91    
Second Vice-President

Wayne Monsees ’71

Matthew Gwin
Executive Director 

Dr. Peter Astor ’64
Chair of Old Guard

Leslie Brunell ’86      

Michael Cahill ’15
Director-at-Large, Class Leadership Committee Chair

Paul Caplan ’18

Cristian Collado ’19
BoT Alumni Trustee Representative, RACS Committee Chair

Philip Crowley ’71
BoT Charter Trustee, Audit and Compliance Committee Chair

Suzanne D’Addio ’07
Director-at-Large, Nominations Committee Chair

John Dalton ’60

John Dearborn ’79
BoT Charter Trustee Representative

Joseph DiPompeo ’98
BoT Alumni Trustee Representative

Roman Malantchouk ’10

Rainer Martini
Faculty Representative

Lauren Mayer ’12

John McDonnell ’72    
Director-at-Large, Engagement Committee Chair

Thomas Moschello ’63
Recent Past President

Elizabeth Pallone ’88    
BoT Alumni Trustee 

Laura Rose
Vice President of Development and Alumni Engagement Representative

Frank Roberto ’76

Kevin Ryan Ph.D. ’96
Faculty Representative

Kirit Sarvaiya ’97

Olivia Schreiber ’18
BoT Alumni Trustee Representative

Martha (Patty) Torres ’01

Anthony Tesori ’21
Student Leadership Representative

John Tracy M ’65
Graduate School Representative