Theresa Macphail (tmacphai)

Theresa Macphail

Associate Professor

School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences


  • PhD (2011) University of California-Berkeley (Medical Anthropology)


My research centers on the culture and practice of medicine and public health, the production of scientific knowledge, networks of expertise, information sharing, and the everyday lived experiences of epidemiologists, microbiologists, biomedical scientists, medical practitioners, and patients.

My current research project focuses on the history of gerontology, current scientific knowledge about what aging is, and our cultural understanding of aging - and how they all inform and shape each other.

Institutional Service

  • Science, Technology & Society Chair
  • STS Search Committee Member
  • IRB Review Committee Member
  • Science, Technology & Society Chair

Professional Service

  • Medical Anthropology Quarterly Digital Editor

Honors and Awards

Book submitted to the Pulitzer committee by Random House for 2023.

Professional Societies

  • 4S – Society for the Social Studies of Science Member
  • 4S – Society for the Social Studies of Science Member
  • AAA – American Anthropological Association Member

Grants, Contracts and Funds

2018 NEH Public Scholar

Selected Publications

Allergic: Our Irritated Bodies In A Changing World. Random House. May 2023.


Global Health
Medical Humanities
Medical Anthropology
Introduction to Anthropology
Introduction to Science and Technology Studies