28 Nov 2018
Morton 324

A Universal Basic Income: Is It a Good Idea?

Featuring: Michael Steinmann, Director of the Humanities And Social Sciences Program, Professor of Philosophy

A universal basic income (UBI) is an amount of money paid regularly to every citizen independent of employment status and other income sources. The idea has received support from all sides of the political spectrum: as a substitute for existing welfare benefits or as a guarantee of a fixed income floor for all citizens. Critics point out that due to the financial needs the idea of a UBI is simply unrealistic.

The talk will discuss some of the arguments in favor of a UBI. It will show that the notion of a UBI concerns the very idea of a society: the degree of participation of every citizen in the wealth that is created and the social nature of work. The notion of a UBI also sheds light on meritocratic assumptions and society’s obligation to allow for the flourishing of its members.

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