Research Clusters

Research Clusters

Enterprise Architecting

  • Establishing consistent terminology for enterprises that defines and relates key terms like enterprise architecture, business process architecture, IT infrastructure, enterprise resource management, and the like 
  • Characterizing and linking the organizational, cultural, portfolio and other perspectives from which enterprises are viewed. 
  • Developing quantitative models to analyze and simulate the behavior of enterprises and to characterize their response to a variety of input conditions
  • Assessing and improving enterprise agility, enhancing their ability to spawn innovation and their resilience to adverse circumstances.

Our focus will be on developing practical approaches that leaders can apply to improve the performance and increase the productivity of real enterprises through more effective resource allocation, risk-based decision making, and axiomatic design.

Enterprise Optimization

  • Risk Based Multi-Resource Allocation and Optimization
  • Stochastic System Modeling and Optimization
  • Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Network Reliability Analyses
  • Information Mining and Data Fusion

Systems and Enterprise Management

  •  Defining a Resilient Enterprise
    • Workshops on "What is a Resilient Enterprise?"
    • Strategic Enterprise Architectures
    • Enterprise Governance
  •  Managing for Systems Engineering
    • Organizing for Systems Engineering
    • Systems Maturity Indices for Decision Support

Systems Engineering & Architecting & Test

  • System Requirements and Architecture Modeling
  • System Test and Integration
  • Architecture Management and Strategy