Message from the Director

The Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises (CCSE) at the Stevens Institute of Technology was formed to address the nature of complex socio-technical systems – often extended public-private enterprises, such as the healthcare enterprise, or the global financial system -- to gain the understanding and insights that will enable improving these systems. These public-private systems, on which society increasingly depends, are progressively technology enabled for power, processing, communications and transportation.  The behavior and performance of these systems depend on increasing levels of networked connectivity and feedback loops that make prediction and control far more complex than in the past. 

My decades of experience in such complex systems has shown me that understanding and improving these systems requires knowledge and expertise that cut across engineering and physical sciences; economics, finance, and management; and behavioral and social sciences.  As an interdisciplinary and campus-wide distributed research center, CCSE serves to bring this range of disciplines together. The goal is to produce knowledge and skills that contribute to fundamental transformation of complex systems by enhancing human abilities, overcoming human limitations, and fostering human acceptance of solutions carefully tailored to their need and desires.

At CCSE, our faculty and students are creating knowledge via their research endeavors in the center’s targeted domains of financial systems, healthcare delivery, national security and sustainable energy. We have built an immersive and interactive visualizations environment that enables problem solvers and decision makers to interactively explore real or computationally imagined complex systems. This research environment, combined with Stevens’ educational programs is creating skilled people who can create and deploy high value, affordable solutions in a wide range of complex systems and enterprises.

I invite you to join us in our journey to find human solutions for our complex world.

Dr. William B. Rouse

Alexander Crombie Humphreys Chair of Economics in Engineering
Director, Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises
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