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Engineering Management Curriculum

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Design Spine Class of 09 and beyond Co-op B
Design Spine Class of 09 and beyond Co-op A

Design Spine Class of 13 and beyond 4yr
Design Spine Class of 13 and beyond Co-op B
Design Spine Class of 13 and beyond Co-op A

EM prefers students who pursue co-operative education to choose Co-op Option B.

Areas of Concentration

Engineering Management students can select their concentration elective courses among two technical electives and three general electives in various ways.  Some of the students may wish to cluster those electives in ways that would help them gain expertise in an area of specialization within Engineering Management.  The following groupings are possible specialty (concentration) areas that students can select from within the EM program:

Systems Engineering Concentration

EM 357 Elements of Operations Research (Fall)
EM 451 Analysis of Networks and Strategies
SYS 585 Introduction to Systems Architecture & Design

Financial Engineering Concentration

EM 357 Elements of Operations Research (Fall)
FE 530 Introduction to Financial Engineering
FE 535 Financial Risk Management

Students who chose the Financial Engineering concentration should take E243 and EM 364 in place of EM 365.

Engineering Management Minor

Required Courses for EM Minor:
EM 301: Accounting and Business Analysis
EM 275: Project Management
EM 224: Informatics
EM 360: Total Quality Management

EM minors are expected to take the following courses as part of their Engineering Curriculum:
Required Engineering Core
EM 365: Statistics for Engineering Managers or equivalent (E243)
EM 355: Engineering Economics
TG 421 or 403/404: Entrepreneurial Analysis of Engineering Design

Required Humanities Core
BT 243: Macroeconomics
BT 244: Microeconomics

An EM minor requires a two course overload.

Engineering Management Curriculum for the Class of 2013 and Beyond

Term I
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
CH 115General Chemistry I 3063
CH 117General Chemistry Laboratory I 0311
E 101Engineering Experiences I1001
E 120Engineering Graphics0211
E 121Engineering Design I0322
E 115Introduction to Programming 1232
CAL 103
CAL 105
Writing And Communications Colloquium
CAL Colloquium: Knowledge, Nature, Culture
MA 121Differential Calculus4082
MA 122Integral Calculus4082
Term II
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
S.E.Science Elective I 3063
PEP 111Mechanics3063
E 122Engineering Design II0332
CAL 105
CAL 103
CAL Colloquium: Knowledge, Nature, Culture
Writing And Communications Colloquium
MA 123Series, Vectors, Functions, and Surfaces4082
MA 124Calculus of Two Variables4082
MGT 103Introduction to Entrepreneurial Thinking 1202
Term III
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
MA 221Differential Equations4084
PEP 112Electricity and Magnetism3063
E 126Mechanics of Solids4084
E 231Engineering Design III0322
E 245Circuits and Systems2373
Term IV
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
MA 227Multivariable Calculus3003
E 232Engineering Design IV2373
E 234Thermodynamics3063
S.E.Science Elective II3063
EM 275Project Management 3063
EM 224Informatics and Software Development3003
Term V
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
CE 342Fluid Mechanics3364
E 321Engineering Design V0322
E 344Materials Processing3063
EM 301Accounting & Business Analysis3344
EM 360Operations Management and Process Engineering3033
EM 365Statistics for Engineering Managers 3244
Term VI
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
E 355Engineering Economics (1)3364
EM 322Engineering Design VI 1202
EM 345Modeling and Simulation 3033
EM 385Innovative System Design3033
G.E.General Elective3063
EM 357Elements Of Operations Research3033
Term VII
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
G.E.General Elective3063
T.G.Technogenesis Core3063
EM 423Engineering Design VII0833
T.E.Concentration Elective3063
BT 244Microeconomics (2)3063
EM 489Data-Mining and Risk Assessment3003
Course #Course NameLectureLabStudyCredit
EM 450Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3063
G.E.General Elective3063
EM 424Engineering Design VIII0833
HumHumanities 3063
BT 243Macroeconomics (2)3063
(1) E 355 is a core course for all engineers that is taught by SSE faculty
(2) Students can take BT 243 and 244 in any semester; these courses are part of the humanities requirements.