TG 401-501 - Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers and Scientists

Undergraduate Course: TG 401

Graduate Course: TG 501

Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers and Scientists Fundamentals of business-related considerations in successfully commercializing new technology: market analysis, beating the competition, planning and managing for profitability, high-tech marketing and sales, and business partnerships and acquisitions. Intended for engineering and science students (junior/senior undergraduate and graduate).

Prerequisites: none

Textbook: specially prepared casebook of articles, tutorials, and business cases


  1. Market segmentation
  2. Customer needs assessment
  3. "Whole product" design for the market
  4. Competitive assessment
  5. Developing competitive advantage
  6. Offer differentiation
  7. Competitive combat: strategies and tactics
  8. Key financial statements and their uses
  9. Product management and business/technical trade-offs
  10. Marketing communications: constituencies and techniques
  11. Distribution channel selection and management
  12. Strategic and tactical partnerships: business and customer
  13. Outsourcing for leverage and efficiency
  14. Acquisitions for growth and diversification

Technogenesis Courses

The School of Engineering is incorporating a variety of Technogenesis elements into its educational programs. This course has been offered since Fall 2001 and is taught by Dr. Carl Pavarini, Visiting Executive at Stevens, who has extensive senior executive experience in Lucent and AT&T, as well as involvement with numerous start-up companies