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Master's Project and Thesis Guidelines- Cohort Process

SSE will organize students working on projects into cohorts. There will be three cohorts a year, one beginning on January 15, a second on May 15 and a third on August 15, and each will be three and one-half months in length. The spring cohort is intended to support students who wish to graduate in May; the other two will allow students to graduate in January of the following year. To be admitted to a cohort, a student will be required to have an approved abstract and a faculty advisor who has agreed to oversee their work.  The following documents Master's Project GuidelinesMaster's Thesis Submission Guidelines, and Appendix 1 will help you accomplish that milestone. 

Please review the documents carefully and begin talking to prospective advisors as soon as possible. Students who have questions regarding the cohort process, can contact Dr. Michael Pennotti, Associate Dean for Academic Programs at [email protected] , or the Student and Faculty Care Center at [email protected]



Library Resources Guide: SSE 

The Library Research Guide is a guide for SSE students and faculty for research in systems engineering, financial engineering, engineering management, software engineering, systems security engineering, space systems, and socio-technical systems. To get detailed information on the Library Resources for SSE, please click here.

If you have any questions regarding library research, please contact:

Vicky Ludas Orlofsky, 201-216-5361, [email protected]

Linda Beninghove, 201-216-5412, [email protected]