Master of Science in Systems Security Engineering

The Master of Science in Systems Security Engineering leverages the capabilities of Stevens Institute of Technology, to offer a unique, cutting-edge 30-credit program that combines education in cyber security technology with courses in technology governance to create a more holistic experience that is consistent with the real-world environment. As such, the program is hands-on, with a strong laboratory component, making it particularly well suited for professionals currently working or aspiring to work in cyber security and its related fields. This unique program by one of the foremost technological institutions in the United States will provide experienced professionals with the edge needed to excel in the increasingly complex and exciting world of systems security.

The degree consists of 10 courses (equivalent to 30 credits). Six of the 10 courses are core requirements and four additional courses must be completed as electives. 

Required Core Courses

  • SES 602 Secure Systems Foundation
  • SES 622 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering Security
  • SES 623 Systems Security Architecture and Design
  • SYS 605 Secure Systems Integration
  • SYS 625 Systems Engineering Fundamentals
  • SYS 660 Decision and Risk Analysis

An undergraduate degree in engineering or related disciplines with a "B" average or better from an accredited college or university is generally required for graduate study in our Master of Science. Outstanding applicants in other areas may be conditionally admitted subject to the satisfactory completion of several ramp courses or introductory courses within the specific program. 

Doctoral Program

The program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is designed to develop your ability to perform research or high-level design in systems engineering.  The Ph.D. program consists of 54 credits, post master's and minimum 15 research credits. A maximum of six years is allowed for the completion of the degree.  For more details on the doctoral program, please visit our Doctoral Studies page.

Graduate Certificates

The School of Systems & Enterprises offers the following four course, 12-credit graduate certificate programs in systems security engineering. Certificate programs are relevant for professionals with undergraduate technical degrees or with advanced degrees in other fields who wish to complement their existing knowledge and skills base with training in cybersecurity from a systems engineering and architecture perspective.

Development of Secure Systems

  • SSW 556 Software Development for Trusted Systems
  • SSW 567 Software Testing, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance
  • SSW 689 Engineering of Trusted Systems

Systems Security and Information Assurance

  • SES 543 Fundamentals of Information Systems Audit and Control
  • SES 546 Information Security Management
  • SES 548 Risk Analysis and Economics of Security

Systems Security Engineering

  • SES 602 Secure Systems Foundations
  • SES 603 Secure Systems Laboratory
  • SES 622 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering Security
  • SES 623 Systems Security Architecture and Design

Credits earned in a graduate certificate can be applied toward a master's degree. View a complete listing of SSE Graduate Certificates.


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