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Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering

In a market where globalization, technology, quality, complexity, and productivity are the key business drivers, a Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering is the key to preparing engineers and scientists who can meet the increasing demand for efficiency, effectiveness and integration in engineering and business operations across a broad cross-section of industry.

The Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering consists of 10 courses (equivalent to 30 credits). Additionally, at least 3 credits and up to 6 credits, must be applied towards a thesis or a project. An undergraduate degree in engineering or related disciplines with a "B" average or better from an accredited college or university is generally required for graduate study in our Master of Engineering programs. Outstanding applicants in other areas may be conditionally admitted subject to the satisfactory completion of several ramp courses or introductory courses within the specific program. 

Master's Degree Course Requirements

The master's degree is a multidisciplinary program that includes a combination of engineering, systems thinking and management courses. Graduates from this program will be prepared to work effectively at the interface between engineering and management and to assume professional positions of increasing responsibility. The Master's program consists of ten courses (six core and four advisor directed electives).

Required Core Courses

  • SYS 625 Fundamentals of Systems Engineering
  • SYS 650 System Architecture and Design
  • SYS 605 Systems Integration
  • EM 612 Project Management of Complex Systems
  • SYS 611 Modeling and Simulation or SYS 645 Design for System Reliability, Maintainability and Supportability or SYS 660 Decision and Risk Analysis
  • SYS 800 Special Problems in Systems Engineering (Master's Project)

*Elective Courses

Applicable Elective Courses (up to 4 elective courses can be selected by the candidate). One elective in a quantitative course is required. 

  • SYS 640 System Supportability and Logistics
  • SYS 655 Robust System Design
  • ES 684 Systems Thinking
  • EM 655 Integrated Supply Chain Management
  • SYS 681 Dynamic Modeling of Systems and Enterprise
  • SYS 801 Special Problems in Systems Engineering

*These electives are for illustrative purposes only. Additional electives from other SSE programs, engineering disciplines and management are also available to students. Selection of electives must be approved and coordinated with a faculty advisor.

Download systems engineering master's study plan.

Doctoral Program

The program leading to the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) degree is designed to develop the ability to perform research or high-level design in systems engineering.  The Ph.D. program consists of 54 credits, post Master's and minimum 15 research credits. For more details on the doctoral program, please visit our Doctoral Studies page.

Graduate Certificates

The School of Systems & Enterprises offers many four course, 12-credit graduate certificate programs geared to practitioners and students who:

  • Are interested in improving their current skills and technical competencies,
  • Are considering new career paths within industry,
  • Have been out of school for sometime, and want to resume their studies without committing to a full 30-credit master's degree program, or
  • Already hold an advanced degree, but wish to continue their studies in a new or related area.

Credits earned in a graduate certificate can be applied toward a master's degree. Visit the Graduate Certificates page to see a complete listing.

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