Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
SYS 501Probability and Statistics for Systems Engineering3033
SYS 581Introduction to Systems Engineering3030
SYS 595Design of Experiments and Optimization3000
SYS 605Systems Integration 3033
SYS 611Simulation and Modeling3030
SYS 625Fundamentals of Systems Engineering3033
SYS 630DAU Level I Certification Examinationion3033
SYS 631Level II Certification Examination3033
SYS 632Designing Space Missions and Systems (Module version is SDOE 632)3000
SYS 633Mission and System Design Verification and Validation3000
SYS 635Human Spaceflight 3030
SYS 636Space Launch and Transportation Systems 3030
SYS 637Cost-Effective Space Mission Operations 3030
SYS 638Crew Exploration Vehicle Design3030
SYS 640System Supportability and Logistics 3000
SYS 645Design for System Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability 3000
SYS 650System Architecture and Design 3000
SYS 655Robust Engineering Design 3000
SYS 660Decision and Risk Analysis 3000
SYS 667Complex System Technologies and Application Domains3030
SYS 670Forecasting and Demand Modeling Systems 3000
SYS 671Conception of CPS: Deciding What to Build and Why3030
SYS 672Desing of CPS: Ensuring Systems Work and Are Robust3030
SYS 673Implementation of CPS: Bringing Solutions to Life3030
SYS 674Sustainment of CPS: Managing Evolution3030
SYS 675Dynamic Pricing Systems3033
SYS 681Dynamic Modeling of Systems and Enterprise3033
SYS 703Curricular Practical Training1000
SYS 710Research Methodologies3030
SYS 725Advances in System of Systems Engineering3030
SYS 744Advanced Data Analysis for Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery3000
SYS 750Advanced System and Software Architecture Modeling and Assessment3030
SYS 760Advanced Decision and Risk Analysis3030
SYS 800Special Problems in Systems Engineering (ME)3000
SYS 801Special Problems in Systems Engineering (PhD)3000
SYS 810Selected Topics in Systems Engineering 3030
SYS 900Thesis in Systems Engineering (ME)3000
SYS 960Research in System Engineering (PhD)3000
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
EM 224Informatics and Software Development3030
EM 275Project Management 3036
EM 301Accounting & Business Analysis4334
EM 322Engineering Design VI 2210
EM 345Modeling and Simulation 3033
EM 357Elements of Operations Research 3033
EM 360Operations Management and Process Engineering3033
EM 364Statistics For Engineers Laboratory1100
EM 365Statistics for Engineering Managers 4234
EM 385Innovative System Design3033
EM 423Engineering Design VII3803
EM 424Engineering Design VIII3803
EM 450Logistics and Supply Chain Management 3036
EM 451Analysis of Networks & Strategies3033
EM 489Data-Mining and Risk Assessment3030
EM 498Research in Engineering Management I3080
EM 499Research In Engineering Management II3080
EM 585Introduction to Systems Architecture and Design3030
EM 600Engineering Economics and Cost Analysis3000
EM 605Elements of Operations Research3000
EM 612Project Management of Complex Systems 3030
EM 622Decision Making via Data Analysis Techniques3030
EM 623Data Science and Knowledge Discovery3030
EM 624Informatics for Engineering Management3030
EM 630Introduction to Complexity and Dynamic Systems3030
EM 650Quality and Process Management3033
EM 665Integrated Supply Chain Management 3033
EM 680Designing and Managing the Development Enterprise 3033
EM 690Selected Topics in Engineering Management3030
EM 800Special Problems in Engineering Management (ME)3000
EM 801Special Problems in Engineering Management (PhD)3000
EM 810Special Topics in Engineering Management3030
EM 900Thesis in Engineering Management (ME)6000
EM 960Research in Engineering Management (PhD)3000
TG 401Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers and Scientists3033
TG 403Senior Innovation I2020
TG 404Senior Innovation II1010
TG 421Entrepreneurial Analysis of Engineering Design3032
TG 501Entrepreneurship and Business for Engineers and Scientists3030
TG 810Special Topics in Technogenesis3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
SSW 215Individual Software Engineering3030
SSW 533Cost Estimation and Metrics3030
SSW 540Fundamentals of Software Engineering3030
SSW 541Fundamentals of Software Engineering for Non-software Engineers3030
SSW 555Agile Methods for Software Development3030
SSW 556Software Development for Trusted Systems3030
SSW 564Software Requirements Analysis and Engineering3000
SSW 565Software Architecture and Component-Based Design3000
SSW 567Software Testing, Quality Assurance, and Maintenance3030
SSW 687Engineering of Large Software Systems3030
SSW 689Engineering of Trusted Software Systems3030
SSW 810Selected Topics in Systems Centric Software Engineering3000
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
FE 505Financial Lab: Technical Writing in Finance1100
FE 511Introduction to Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters1100
FE 512Database Engineering3120
FE 513Financial Lab: Practical Aspects of Database Design1100
FE 514Financial lab: VBA in Finance1100
FE 515Introduction to R1100
FE 516MATLAB for Finance1100
FE 517SAS for Finance1100
FE 518Mathematica for Finance1100
FE 520Introduction to Python for Financial Applications1100
FE 521Web Design1100
FE 522C++ Programming in Finance3300
FE 529GPU Computing in Finance1100
FE 530Introduction to Financial Engineering3000
FE 535Introduction to Financial Risk Management3036
FE 540Probability theory for FE3030
FE 541Applied Statistics with Applications in Finance3003
FE 542Time Series with Applications to Finance3030
FE 543Introduction to Stochastic Calculus for Finance3030
FE 545Design, Patterns and Derivatives Pricing3030
FE 550Data Visualization Applications3030
FE 5552D Data Visualization Programming for Financial Applications3030
FE 570Market Microstructure and Trading Strategies3030
FE 575Introduction to Econophysics3030
FE 580Securitization of Financial Assests3030
FE 582Foundations of Financial Data Science2020
FE 590Introduction to Knowledge Engineering3
FE 595Financial Systems Technology3030
FE 610Stochastic Calculus for Financial Engineers3036
FE 620Pricing and Hedging3000
FE 621Computational Methods in Finance3
FE 625Emerging Markets: Risks and Models3030
FE 630Portfolio Theory and Applications3000
FE 635Financial Enterprise Risk Engineering3030
FE 655Systemic Risk and Financial Regulation3030
FE 670Algorithmic Trading Strategies3030
FE 680Advanced Derivatives3
FE 699Project in Financial Engineering3
FE 700Master's Thesis in Financial Engineering3
FE 710Applied Stochastic Differential Equations3030
FE 800Project in Financial Engineering1010
FE 810Selected Topics in Financial Engineering3000
FE 900Masterís Thesis in Financial Engineering3030
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
ES 522Parametric Modeling in the Urban Environment3030
ES 621Fundamentals of Enterprise Systems 3033
ES 640Community and Resilience3030
ES 677Governing Development3033
ES 678Engineering of Agile Systems and Enterprises3033
ES 679Architecting the Extended Enterprise3033
ES 683Design of Agile Systems and Enterprises3033
ES 684Systems Thinking 3033
ES 690Introduction to Infrastructure Systems3030
ES 691Advanced Topics in Infrastructure Systems3030
ES 800Special Problems in Enterprise Systems (ME)1010
ES 801Special Problmes in Enterprise Systems (PhD)1010
ES 810Selected Topics in Enterprise Systems3000
ES 900Thesis in Enterprise Systems1010
ES 960Research in Enterprise Systems1010
Course #Course NameCreditLabLectureStudy Hours
SES 543Fundamentals of IS Audit and Controls3030
SES 544Information Systems Audit and Control Practices3030
SES 546 Information Security Management3030
SES 548Risk Analysis and Economics of Security 3030
SES 602Secure Systems Foundations3030
SES 603Secure Systems Laboratory3030
SES 622Fundamentals of Security Systems Engineering3030
SES 623Systems Security Architecture and Design3030