Open Academic Model

Innovation in Collaboration

The School of Systems & Enterprises was founded on the visionary philosophy of the Open Academic Model – a model that is knowledge based along with being entrepreneurial.

The essence of the Open Academic Model is to develop meaningful alliances with best-in-class partners from academia, industry and government. These partnerships blur the boundaries between academia and the industry/government reality and foster intellectual breakthroughs that are academic, with the ability to be translated and applied to a wide range of industry initiatives.

The goal of the Open Academic Model is to bring a fresh perspective to industry and government in an executable form, such as a specific method, tool, heuristic or template.  Additionally, the objective is also to bring the industry and government reality into academia in a researchable or usable form – a problem statement, a specific challenge, guest instructors, heuristics and case studies.

At the School of Systems & Enterprises, this creative model has provided the greatest benefit to our students and sponsors as it brings forth experiences, innovations and opportunities that would have been lost without the dynamic collaborative interplay between the academic setting and the real world.