Meet the Dean

Welcome to the School of Systems & Enterprises
at Stevens Institute of Technology

Developing and nurturing systems thinking in a complex world is what we do best.

The world as we know it is changing. Each day, the human race is faced with new challenges that are societal, political, economical and technological. From natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy to Cyber security breaches to terrorism threats, the world today is in need of critical technical minds that understand the complexities of our shifting ecosystem and create sustainable solutions to address them.

It’s been eight years since we started the School of Systems & Enterprises, based on the foundation of our Open Academic Model and the journey so far has been amazing. But, the road ahead seems even more promising, as along with the incredible partnerships that we have established with world class thought leaders in academia, industry and government – a blend that makes us a knowledge powerhouse and enables us to provide an education par excellence to our students, we are also deeply committed to making a significant impact on socio-technical issues that are local, national and global challenges for mankind.

Our human commitment is reflected in our academic curriculum, our research domains, our stellar initiatives such as Project SmartHoboken, Project XBRL, Project Experience Accelerator and the Coastal Urban Resilience Initiative. But, this is not the full story. At the core of the School of Systems and Enterprises, it is our people that make us unique – the students, the faculty, the alumni, the staff and the partners. These are the real narratives that are the driving force behind the school’s continuing growth and success in the realm of systems and enterprises and beyond that in setting the stage for a future of excellence in all we do.

I invite you to be a part of this narrative - to shape the world of systems and enterprises. Come join us – The Future is ours to Create. 

Dinesh Verma, PhD
Dean and Professor, School of Systems & Enterprises
Executive Director, Systems Engineering Research Center (SERC)