Procedures For Undergraduates to Take A Class At NYU

Stevens Students can take classes at NYU. These courses are limited to the courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences. The agreement between Stevens and NYU excludes the courses offered by any other school at NYU. Only one course per term is allowed. Please note that you may have difficulty enrolling into a first-choice course at NYU, either because of prerequisites or classes filling up. You should have up to three possible courses on hand in case the first or second option is not available for you to enroll into.

After you enroll in your Stevens Courses:

  1. Obtain these forms from the Stevens Registrar/Student Service Center:
  2. Follow the link to go to the NYU Directory of Classes from NYU and get the Schedule of Classes. Otherwise, you should be able to get these at the SILVER CENTER at NYU.
  3. Enroll into REG-002A at Stevens for the number of credits you will be enrolling at NYU with the Change of Enrollment Form. Your Advisor's Signature is necessary.
  4. Fill out the NYU/Stevens Enrollment Form with the NYU course numbers.
  5. Fill out the Application for Transfer Credit and obtain the Stevens department representative's signature of the department for which the course will transfer into Stevens. E.g.., if you are taking a Humanities course at NYU, you will need a signature from the Stevens Humanities department. Then you will need the Dean of Undergraduate Academics' approval.
  6. Take all three forms to the Registrar's Office for additional signatures. You will keep the NYU/Stevens Enrollment form (all 3 copies) and a copy of the Change of Enrollment form.
  7. Take these forms to NYU and speak to:
    • Michael Fisher
      100 Washington Square East, #908
      New York, NY 10003
      Tel: (212) 992-9639
      Fax: (212) 995-4811
      They will sign the NYU/Stevens Enrollment Form and they will keep the White copy.
  1. Take the NYU/Stevens Enrollment Form to the NYU Registrar. You will keep the Pink copy.
  2. When you have completed the course, you will need to request a transcript from NYU to be sent to Stevens, which will complete the Transfer Credit process. A grade of C or higher is required in order to receive credit at Stevens. REG-002A will not have a grade associated with it, and the NYU courses will appear as Transfer Credit for that semester.

The 9th Street PATH station on 9th Street below building Number 12 and the Silver Center is Number 27 on the NYU map.