Undergraduate Application for Candidacy Instructions

The Application for Candidacy (AC) is the official form required for graduation. You can find your form on the Registrar's Forms page. Do not make your own AC form - you need to use the form that corresponds with your catalog year.

The AC is essentially your final Study Plan and is treated as a contract and as a check list for graduation. Students must have their advisor's signature on pages 1 and 2 of the AC form. If you are pursuing a minor, you must file a separate application for each minor. Students may request a copy of their latest Study Plan by emailing [email protected].

For the TERM column, indicate what year and semester course was taken or will be taken. Please use the following codes to indicate TERM:

 FFall session
 WWinter intersession
 SSpring session
 ASummer session I
 BSummer session II

For example:
   08F = 2008 Fall Session
   09A = 2009 Summer Session I

For the GRADE column, use the following options if traditional letters grades are not applicable:

 IPIn Progress--course is being currently taken
 APAdvanced Placement credit was issued for the course
 TRCourse was transferred from another institution (you do not have to include grades or term for transferred courses).

In the "ADDITIONAL COURSES" column (page two), please list any courses you took that are NOT being used towards your undergraduate degree. These are courses will be considered deferred graduate courses or extra courses.

After you have filled in all the lines on the AC form, you must sign the bottom of the form and, as mentioned before, have your advisor sign the application. When you have completed the necessary form and it has been approved by your advisor, please make a copy and submit the AC to the Registrar's Office, scan it and email it or fax it to 201-216-8030. After the Registrar's Office has reviewed your application, you will be contacted by email. To see if your AC has been received or not, you can check Web for Students. If you see filed graduation plans, then your AC has been received.