Current F-1 Students

Maintenance of Status

Under U.S. law, you are fully responsible for abiding by the rules governing your F-1 status. International Student and Scholar Services will do its best to help you understand these rules, but you are required to follow the rules and responsibilities of student status explained below.



If you are currently applying for OPT, please be aware that USCIS must receive your application within 30 days of the date your OPT was requested in SEVIS. Typically, the date your OPT was requested in SEVIS should match the date on your OPT I-20, but occasionally, the OPT request date in SEVIS may be earlier than the date on the I-20 by one or two days.  If you apply for OPT more than 30 days after the OPT request date in SEVIS, your application will be denied. Therefore, to be absolutely sure that your application will not be denied, we recommend that you make sure USCIS receives it no later than 25 days from the date listed on your OPT I-20.