FAQ- Stevens Graduate Fellows Program

If I am an international student, will I need to get an updated I-20 from Stevens?

Yes, as soon as international students have confirmed their award acceptance and paid the deposit, an updated I-20 will be reissued within 24-48 hours and mailed via expedited shipping.

My program that I am applying for does not require a GRE or GMAT – can I still apply for the fellowship?

While the test scores may not be needed to be admitted into the program, such scores are required in order to be considered to the fellowship program.

After I declined the award, I have changed my mind and would like to reconsider. What are my options?

You can certainly notify us prior to the start of the semester you applied to and we will reconsider. However, if there are no more awards left, this will not be an option. Also, the award amount may differ based on the funds left in the award pool. If you are looking for the next semester, you will have to reapply.

I was awarded a fellowship, and paid a deposit. But later decided to withdraw my application. Do I get a refund of my deposit?

Unfortunately, we will not be able to refund deposits.

I was awarded a fellowship for one semester and paid the deposit, however I decided to defer my admission to the next semester. Will the award also be deferred?

No, students cannot defer their awards. If you decide to defer your admission, the fellowship will be withdrawn. However, you can reapply for the fellowship in the term which you have deferred to. 

I applied for the fellowship but got rejected. Can I reapply in a later semester?

Yes, you can apply. However, if you have not retaken your test scores or improved on your GPA from your under graduate education, chances of getting a fellowship may be low.

How is the fellowship applied to my student account?

The financial aid office will apply the award to your tuition for the semester it was awarded. Once selected for the award, the funds are disbursed in 2 consecutive semesters starting with the semester you were offered the award. 

I am a current full-time student at Stevens, am I eligible to apply?

The Masters Fellows Program is only open to Masters students at the time of admission.

I am a part-time Masters student. Am I eligible to apply?

The Masters Fellows Program is only open to full-time Masters students at the time of admission.

If I already started a program at Stevens, but have now submitted a Program Change form, am I eligible to apply?

No, you will not be eligible for this fellowship. 

What is the best time to apply for this fellowship?

For Fall, February 15th; Spring September 15th. Since this is merit based, you should apply early in order to improve your chances of being one among the highly qualified students. After the deadline, if there are any fellowships remaining, they will given out until all fellowships are given out. 

Will I be eligible to apply for the award in my second semester or any other semester at Stevens?

The award can only be granted once and can only be given to new students at the time of admission. 

If I have already paid the $500 enrollment deposit, do I need to pay another deposit to accept the award?

All award acceptances should submit a non-refundable fellowship deposit of $500. This fellowship deposit is in addition to the $500 enrollment deposit*, for a total deposit of $1000. 

*The $500 enrollment deposit applies to international students only.

I am a domestic student. Do I need to pay the $500 deposit to accept my award?

Yes, ALL students are required to pay a $500 deposit to accept the fellowship. 

Can I change my status from full-time to part-time during the semester I have received the fellowship?

The fellowship is only for students pursuing a full-time master's program. Students who receive this fellowship will be required to maintain a full-time status during the 2 consecutive semesters. Should the status change to part-time the fellowship will be cancelled. 

If I have received full funding or a full scholarship from Stevens, can I apply to this fellowship?

Students who have already received full funding or a full scholarship are not eligible to apply for this fellowship. At any time if it is determined that for the semester of the fellowship award if the student had a full scholarship and accepted the fellowship award, the student will have to return the award money. The amount will be charged back to the student account.