Financial Aid


Stevens Institute of Technology is able to offer a select group of students funding in the form of teaching or research assistantships. The material provided and discussed in this section is for information purposes only, and is offered as a guide.

Assistantships are graduate funding opportunities that can take many forms. A student awarded a research or teaching assistantship may receive tuition and fees for up to three courses per semester during the Fall and Spring semester plus a stipend; or some combination of tuition, fees, and stipend. In exchange for the predetermined funding, the student must work up to a maximum of 20 hours per week during the semester, and maintain a satisfactory academic performance. Stevens does not provide what is commonly known as "tuition waivers"; for example, the tuition and fee costs cannot be waived.

The number of assistantships awarded each year is limited. If you do not receive an assistantship for your first year at Stevens you can pursue an assistantship within your department after you arrive. It is important to note that each department identifies and awards assistantships to students, while the Registrar's Office administers the process.

Appointment Procedures

Procedures and requirements for assistantships.
Application form is available

Teaching Assistantships

A Teaching Assistant (TA) is usually designated by the department director to assist professors in the department with undergraduate classes, labs, recitation sessions, grading homework etc. It is essential that an international student who is a TA demonstrate excellent English speaking abilities, as well as a working knowledge of the U.S. higher education system.

Research Assistantships

A Research Assistant (RA) is usually chosen by individual faculty members within a department or research center. Funding is contingent on current research activity and support. The number of RA appointments vary based on research initiatives of professors and departments. If you are awarded an RA appointment, you will be expected to assist a faculty member or group of faculty members in performing research related to your field of study.

Graduate stipend for Teaching and Research Assistants for those with a bachelor's degree, master's degree and all but dissertation (ABD) for the 2015-2016 academic year is listed below:

Bachelor's Degree          $21,825
Master's Degree             $23,108
All but Dissertation         $24,368


Provost's Masters Fellows Program

Stevens Fulbright Fellowship 

In support of the Fulbright Foreign Student Program, Stevens Institute of Technology is pleased to offer a Stevens Fulbright Fellowship Program to exceptional Fulbright full-time master’s students. The fellowship consists of a tuition assistance ranging from 50-100% of the annual tuition depending on the candidate credentials. All students who are offered this fellowship award will support a department within the School that they are accepted into for 20 hours/week. The support may be in the form of a teaching, research or related support position. The idea is to provide each Fulbrighter an education that is complemented by a research experience. All students who apply to the Fulbright Foreign Student Program at Stevens through the Institute of International Education (IIE) will be considered for this fellowship during the application review process. To learn more about the Fulbright Foreign Student Program and to apply visit

Robert Crooks Stanley Graduate Fellowship

Nominations are now open for the Robert Crooks Stanley Graduate Fellowship. The graduate fellowship is usually awarded on an academic-year basis and includes both tuition and stipend. Nominees must be full-time, United States citizens pursuing a doctorate or master's degree and maintaining a 3.5 grade point average. (Preference is given to students in a Ph.D. program.) Any educational activity in excess of full-time graduate study or any additional wage earning activities is subject to the approval of the appropriate academic dean.

Please complete the application form and submit it to your academic department or program director. The department or program director will recommend qualified students to the Robert Crooks Stanley Graduate Fellowship committee for consideration. The deadline for application submission is March 25, 2014. For more information, contact the Office of Academic Administration at 201-216-8031 or send an email to Lena Romano.

The Robert Crooks Stanley Graduate Fellowship Application is available for download in PDF format.


Can I get Financial Aid from Stevens?

Financial Aid is available in the form of Assistantships and Fellowships through the Academic Departments. Assistantships and Fellowships are awarded on a merit and availability basis and not normally awarded to first year graduate students.  Financial aid, via grants, loans and work study, is also available for US Citizens and Permanent Residents through the State of New Jersey and the Federal Government. The answer to many financial aid questions can be found at the Financial Aid Website.