Master of Science - Mathematics

Master of Science - Mathematics

The Master of Science in Mathematics program requires a total of 30 credits and both contributes to and gains inspiration from the practical problems solved throughout the disciplines at Stevens. Scientific and engineering problems have often inspired new developments in mathematics, and, conversely, mathematical results have frequently had an impact on business, engineering, the sciences, and technology. Stevens offers a program that prepares students equally for professional and academic careers through core instruction in fundamental mathematics and opportunities for applied research. 

GRE Required for All Applicants

Core Course Requirements for Full Degree

MA 552 Axiomatic Linear Algebra
MA 605 Foundations of Algebra I
MA 611 Probability
MA 635 Real Variables I
MA 651 Topology I
MA 681 Functions of a Complex Variable I
Plus four remaining courses to be determined by meeting with a faculty advisor.

Four-course Certificate Program options

Applied Statistics
Required Courses:
MA 552 Axiomatic Linear Algebra
MA 611 Probability
MA 612 Mathematical Statistics
Typical electives:
CE 679 Regression and Stochastic Methods
MA 641 Time Series Analysis I
MGT 718 Multivariate Analysis
MGT 730 Design and Analysis of Experiments

Stochastic Systems
Required courses:
MA 611 Probability
MA 623 Stochastic Processes
MA 629 Convex Analysis and Optimization
Choose one elective:
MA 612 Mathematical Statistics
MA 630 Numerical Methods of Optimization
MA 661 Dynamic Programming & Stochastic Optimal Control
MA 662 Stochastic Programming

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