Master of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering

Master of Engineering - Biomedical Engineering

Biomedical Engineers are involved in the design and manufacture of devices and instruments that aid physicians in medical diagnosis and treatment of disease and improve the quality of life for people whose natural bodily functions are impaired by disease or trauma.

Stevens is a leader in the field of biomedical engineering, engaging in visionary research and collaborations with industry and government.  Our graduates are leaders in academia and industries related to biotechnology and medicine, and in other emerging fields based on biological technology.

The Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering program requires a total of 30 graduate credits and is designed for either individual work or interdisciplinary collaboration among students. In the latter case, theses and other projects are managed by a team of students, each individual representing a different discipline, and contributing to the project in his or her area of strength, while sharing his or her knowledge and learning from his or her team members who contribute with their strengths.

Each individual may produce his or her own thesis, extracting relevant aspects from the team project. Furthermore, a team of advisors with varying expertise are assigned to any given project, providing for sufficient depth in any discipline, while further promoting collaboration amongst the disciplines.

GRE is required for International Master's students and all Ph.D. applicants.

Core Course Requirements for Full Degree

BME 600 Strategies and Principles of Biomedical Design
BME 601LA Advanced Biomedical Engineering Lab

1. Research or Special Project + Elective (9 credits), Thesis (9 credits) or Design Project (6 credits) + Biomedical Engineering Elective (3 credits)

2. Pre-requisite or Ramp-up courses (6 credits), Bioethics (3-non-graduate credit), Physiology (3-elective credit)

3. Guided selection of technical electives (15 credits) on campus

Course Requirements for four-course Certificate Program

BME 503 Physiological Systems
BME 504 Medical Instrumentation and Imaging
BME 505 Biomaterials
BME 506 Biomechanics

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