Academic Programs

The Charles V. Schaefer, Jr.
School of Engineering & Science

School of Business

School of Systems and Enterprises

Engineering Management, MEng

Financial Engineering, MS

Software Engineering, MS

Socio-Technical Systems, MS

Space Systems Engineering, MEng

Systems Analytics, ME

Systems Engineering, MEng

Systems Security Engineering, MS


College of Arts and Letters



Interdisciplinary, MS, MEng

**All Interdisciplinary students select two program areas.

The Institute provides a rigorous, scholarly environment with strong cross-disciplinary links supporting world-class education, research and technical applications. Stevens has been an innovator in research that addresses real-world problems for over 130 years. Stevens enjoys an excellent reputation as a leader in transferring technology and the management of technology to industry through its distinguished faculty and world-renowned alumni including Frederick W. Taylor and Henry Gantt.

A GRE or GMAT test score is required for All Ph.D applicants. The School of Business requires GMAT, but will alternatively accept the GRE. 

Stevens offers Ph.D Programs in: