Tips to Preparing the TABER Form

A completed and approved TABER (Travel and Business Expense Report) form is required to accompany all expense reimbursement requests which are made using a Disbursement Voucher (DV).


  1. Be sure to use the most current version of the TABER form as it is updated periodically.
  2. Include the business purpose of the expense.

  3. Report expenses in the specific categories listed on the TABER and include scanned receipts for every item.

    1. For flights or trains include receipts for ticket purchases that show the method of the payment.

    2. For conference registrations, please show them separately and use object code 6135 on the DV.

    3. For meals/food, include detailed receipts for all indicated amounts

      1. For meals, both the itemized receipt and the credit card slip (which shows the tip) are required.

      2. Alcohol must be clearly indicated as it must be coded separately. (Use object code 6148 on the DV.)

      3. For business meals make sure you include who was there (participants names and affiliation) and the nature of the discussion in support of the business purpose of the expense.

  4. Choose either per diem or actual expense reimbursement for each trip/event.   Do not use a combination of per diem and receipts for a given trip.

  5. Provide mileage back up for miles driven

    1. Attach a Google Maps/Mapquest showing the route and the total mileage which supports the calculation; there may be slight differences in the mileage if your actual mileage differed

    2. Visit Mileage Reimbursement Rate Information page to ensure you are using the most current rates 

  6. Convert foreign expenses to US dollars.  Attach the dated currency conversion information you used to calculate the amount.

  7. Ensure the DV total amount requested equals the amount on the TABER.

  8. Secure all required signatures on the TABER.

  9. Scan and attach the TABER, all the receipts and all other required back up to the DV.  Originals need not be submitted.

  10. Understand incomplete or incorrect information on TABER forms can delay the processing of the DV requesting reimbursement.

Please contact Accounts Payable at [email protected] or call 1-201-216-5192 for further assistance.

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