Workflow: Standard Review for Disbursements

What is workflow?

Workflow is the routing of documents for review and approval.

Two workflow routings are in place at Stevens for all payments:

Disbursement Voucher Workflow

Requisition/Purchase Order Workflow

Disbursement Workflow Narrative

Workflow has been established and applies to the review and approval of all of these types of documents:

  • Requisitions
  • purchase orders (PO's)
  • payments on purchase orders (PO's), and
  • disbursements vouchers (non-PO disbursements).

The workflow is based on the following principles:

  1. Procedures and approvals are aligned with the level of risk associated with the purchase.  Lower risk items require fewer steps.  Higher risk items require more reviews to mitigate the higher risk.
  2. Purchase decisions are based on getting the highest value.  Therefore, the majority of transactions are with vendors with whom we have negotiated favorable pricing and other terms.
  3. Decisions about what to purchase, how much, and when to deliver are made as close to the end user as possible
  4. Roles (permissions and responsibilities) are assigned to establish appropriate segregation of duties and strong internal controls.
  5. Standards exist to ensure data quality.
  6. The Sufficient Funds Checking (SFC) functionality is now operating.  SFC is a fiscal control option used to facilitate the planning and use of budgeted   resources.  It provides error messages to the initiator or warning messages to the reviewer when new expenses are being contemplated using accounts that do not have sufficient resources.  The type of e-doc and the sub-fund of the account determine the level at which sufficient funds are checked.  For more information on Sufficient Funds Checking (SFC) visit the guides section at this link and open the Sufficient Funds Checking ribbon.

Please contact [email protected] or call 201-216-8000 with workflow and any other Kuali related questions.