Overview of Kuali Financial System (KFS)

The Kuali Financial System, referred to as either KFS or Kuali for Stevens, brings tremendous opportunity to the campus financial community.  Implementation of the system (initial phase July 2011) is an evolving process with new modules and functionality being introduced periodically.  Key to its success is user understanding and feedback.  The Guides section provides a suite of user focused instructional materials.

Here are some key features of KFS:

  • It is a web based application, accessible from any device that has internet access.  Security and a sign in process are in place.
  • An e-doc initiated by a user starts a transaction.
  • The e-doc routes through workflow, a predetermined path based on account number, transaction type and amount.
  • Each individual on the workflow path has an opportunity to review the transaction, add comments, route it to additional individuals, approve the transaction or stop it from progressing.

Please click on the subtopics under the Features heading to the left and explore! 

Direct any questions related to Kuali to [email protected] or call 201-216-8000.  Thank you.