Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go for help?

You can always contact [email protected] or call 201-216-8000 for help.  We have a few of the frequently asked questions below.  Take a look, you may find your question and answer here.  Check out the instructional Guides, too!

How do I access KFS - Kuali for Stevens?

Access to the KFS - Kuali for Stevens application is secure. Your myStevens ID and a password is required. Users have varied levels of security based on the roles they are assigned (initiator, fiscal officer, account manager, account supervisor, organization level approver, etc.) Click here for the User Access Request Form.

Kuali for Stevens is a web based application. It is accessible from any device that has internet access. There is security and a sign in process in place.

Where do I go for training information?

Please visit the Guides section of this website for an alphabetic listing of the instructional materials available.  The Training page contains the latest training information.

All KFS users are subscribed to a list serve for periodic announcements pertaining to Kuali.  All training sessions are announced this way.  The Message of the Day located at the top of the Kuali menu pages (just below the Action list button!) is also a place where timely KFS information is shared.  Sometimes it is just for fun.  Check it out every day.

What is the chart of accounts?

The Chart of Accounts, also referred to COA, is the coding structure for Kuali for Stevens. Stevens has just one Chart of Accounts appropriately abbreviated SI. The Stevens' Chart of Accounts (COA) contains all coding for both recording transactions and for reporting purposes. It holds all the account numbers, object codes, fund groups and many other required codes. Click here for more.

Which e-doc do I choose?

Refer to the Guides Section for details on the use and preparation of each type of e-doc/transaction. One specific guide section, Uses of Department User E-docs contains information comparing the various e-docs that have similar yet distinct uses. Please contact [email protected]  or 201-216-8000 for additional help in choosing the e-doc.

How do I choose the correct object code?

You can search using the look up feature to the right of the object code field in the accounting line of any e-doc (click on the magnifying glass).  The Look Up and Searches Guide found in the reporting ribbon on the Guides page provides details.  Lists of object codes and their definitions can be found in eThority or in the Guides section (under Code Listings).  It is very important to note the Object Type of the object code you choose.  For example, paying a fee (expense) is very different from collecting a fee (income).  A brief description of Object Type is given on the Chart of Accounts page.