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FACULTY SENATE 2014-15 (click name to send email)

Executive CommitteeEnd of Term
Ed Whittaker (PEP) - ChairMay 2016
Tal Ben-Zvi (STM)May 2015
Edward Foster (CAL)May 2015
May 2015
James Liang (CCBBE)May 2016
Robert Cloutier (SSE)May 2016
Susanne Wetzel (CS)May 2015
Peer Groups 
TBD Assistant ProfessorMay 2014
Thomas Herrington (CEOE), Research ProfessorMay 2014
Ex-officio Senators 
Tony Barrese (SSE), BOTMay 2015
Ron Besser, Institute P&T ChairMay 2015
Alan Blumberg (CEOE), BOTMay 2016
Sven Esche (ME), APARMay 2015
Yu Tao (CAL), CoCMay 2015