Faculty Senate

Welcome to Stevens Institute of Technology Faculty Senate Homepage

The Faculty Senate was approved by the faculty, administration and Board of Trustees in Fall 2011, replacing the previous 4-member Faculty Council.

The role of the Faculty Senate is to “act as an advisory and consultative body to the Provost, President, and the Board of Trustees on matters pertaining to the University's educational and research objectives and to facilitate coordination and the flow of information between and among the Faculty, Faculty Committees, the President, the Provost and other officers and the Board of Trustees of the Institute.”

The Faculty Senate is concerned with academic freedom, academic integrity, and the overall quality of the Institute’s educational and research programs. It may make recommendations to the appropriate persons or bodies within the Institute. Among other things, the senate participates in the strategic planning activities of the Institute, supervises revisions to the faculty handbook, oversees faculty committees and ensures the well-being of the faculty in matters pertaining to the Institute.

News & Updates

September 23, 2013: An updated version of the sections of the Faculty Handbook from Prologue to Section 2 (click to download) is available for review prior to the discussion and vote which will take place at the October 2 Faculty Meeting. 

August 26, 2013: Welcome to the 2013-14 Academic Year! Convocation will be held on Wednesday September 4 starting at 1:30 in the Canavan Arena. 

May 17, 2013: The final versions of the proposed Sections 0-2 and Section 4 of the Faculty Handbook to be considered for vote are now posted online. 

April 11, 2013: PPT slides discussing the proposed changes to Sections 0-2 and Section 4 of the Faculty Handbook that were presented at the April 10 Special Meeting of the Faculty are available here for review. 

April 6, 2013: UPDATED DRAFT versions of proposed changes to Sections 0-2 (click for file) and Section 4 (click for fileof the Faculty Handbook are available here for review. For comparison, the most current version of the Faculty Handbook is available online here (Stevens Pipeline credentials required). A Special Meeting of the Faculty will be held on Wednesday April 10 from 1:30-3:00 pm in Burchard 118 for further discussion.

April 5, 2013: The Faculty Senate NTT Sub-Working Group would like to distribute the following material to Stevens faculty to enhance the discussion of the role of NTT Faculty in the Institute: 1) The May 2011 Final Report of the Stevens AD HOC Committee on Hiring Procedures, Professional Responsibilities and Development Practices of NTT Faculty Members chaired by Costas Chassapis; 2) a 2010 Report from the AAUP entitled "Tenure and Teaching-Intensive Appointments"; and 3) a January 2013 report from the AAUP entitled "The Inclusion in Governance of Faculty Members Holding Contingent Appointments". Any inputs/comments on this topic can be submitted to the NTT Working Group through Ted Stohr ([email protected]), Tony Barrese ([email protected]), or via the Faculty Senate.

March 28, 2013: The Committee on Committees is looking for nominations for service on Faculty Committees and Board of Trustees Committees as dsicussed as the most recent Faculty Meeting (PDF of slides here).

March 25, 2013: Updated draft of proposed revision to Faculty Handbook, Prologue through Section 2.4, available here.

February 2013: Faculty elections have been completed and the following faculty have been voted to these respective committees: 

  • Research and Entrepreneurship Committee: Dimitri Donskoy (CEOE), Eui-Hyeok Yang (ME), Yingying (Jennifer) Chen (ECE), Yong Zhang (CCBBME), Hady R. Salloum (ECE, Non-Tenure Stream); 
  • Institute Curriculum Committee: Hong Man (ECE), Sven Esche (ME), Deborah Sinnreich-Levi (CAL); 
  • Academic Operations and Affairs Committee: Pinar Akcora (CEMS), Antonio R Nicolosi (CS), Chang Hwan Choi (ME), Yu Tao (CAL), Arthur B. Ritter (CCBBME, Non-Tenure Stream).

Thanks to all faculty who participated in the voting process.

February 13, 2013: PDFs of the slides presented in the Special Meeting of the Faculty to discuss proposed changes to the Faculty Handbook are available here. (Sections 0-2, Section 4

January 30, 2013: DRAFT versions of proposed changes to Sections 0-2 (click for file) and Section 4 (click for file) of the Faculty Handbook are available here for review. For comparison, the most current version of the Faculty Handbook is available online here (Stevens Pipeline credentials required). (Please note that some recent changes, such as the new Faculty Committee structure, have yet to be incorporated into the online version).

Please forward any comments/clarifications to the Faculty Senate at [email protected]. A Special Meeting of the Faculty will be held Wednesday February 13 at 1pm in Burchard 118 to discuss ongoing work to update the faculty Handbook.

January 2013: The results from the recent Faculty elections for representation on the Board of Trustees and certain BOT Committees have been finalized. The results of the election are available here. Congratulations to those faculty elected to serve on these committees.

December 2012: The proposal for the restructuring of the Faculty Committees has been approved by vote of the Stevens Faculty. The final version of the updated Faculty Committee Structure is available here.

November 2012: A Special Meeting of the Faculty was held on November 7 to discuss: a) the change in Academic Calendar due to Hurricane Sandy, and b) the rationale and changes to the proposed restructuring of the Faculty Committees. A short PPT presentation outlining the rationale of the proposed changes presented at the meeting is available here. The latest version of the Faculty Committee Structure proposal is available here and will be formally presented at the November 14 Faculty Meeting. Please email any comments on the proposal to the Faculty Senate at [email protected].

October 2012: The latest version of the Faculty Senate proposal for the restructuring of the Faculty Committees is available here (note: updated 11/8 to current version) for review and comment. A Special Meeting of the Faculty is scheduled for Wednesday, November 7 at 3:30pm in Burchard 118. The purpose of this meeting is to allow open discussion of feedback on the proposal for final refinement. The current timeline is to entertain a motion for adoption at the November 14 Institute Faculty Meeting.  Faculty are encouraged to direct comments and feedback to the Faculty Senate through its Chair at [email protected] anytime prior to the meeting. 

October 2012: Faculty Senate appoints Senators Jose Ramirez-Marquez and Ed Foster, along with Professor Bernard Gallois (CEMS), to serve on the Institute Benefits Committee led by Mark Samolewicz, Vice President for Human Resources.

October 2012: Faculty Senate appoints Senators Frank Fisher and K.P. Subbalakshmi to serve on the Steering Committee for Academic Initiatives of the Strategic Plan Implementation led by Associate Provost Ralph Giffin.

October 2012: Faculty Senate meets with President Farvardin and his Cabinet to discuss the risks and assumptions in the Strategic Plan. These discussions led to the formation of a joint effort between APAR and CFO Randy Greene to further explore this matter.

October 2012: Faculty Senate presents for feedback and discussion an overview of a proposed new Faculty Committee Structure which aligns the Faculty Committees with the Strategic Plan at the October 2012 Institute Faculty Meeting.

September 2012: Robert Truppner and Owen Jappen, Student Government Association (SGA) representatives, joined the Faculty Senate at its weekly meeting to discuss opportunities for collaboration between FS and SGA.

September 2012: Faculty Senate makes the following committee appointments: Ann Murphy (STM) appointed to APAR; Sven Esche (ME) appointed to APAR; Bill Rouse (SSE) appointed to APAR; Benard Gallois (CEMS) appointed to CAL P&T Nominations Committee.

September 2012: Faculty Senate attends a half-day retreat with President Farvardin and his Cabinet regarding the implementation of the Strategic Plan.

May 2012: The Committee welcomes the following new elected senators: K.P. (Suba) Subbalakshmi (ECE); Hongjun Wang (CCBBME); Patricia Holahan (STM). The following senators have completed their tenure: Ted Stohr (STM); Svetlana Sukhishvili (CCBBME); R. (Mouli) Chandramouli (ECE).