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Stevens students are highly recruited by prestigious corporations, government entities and non-profit organizations.  Work with a Career Advisor to develop your plan and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity as you launch your professional career.

To participate in the on-campus recruiting program and access job opportunities on CastlePointCareers (CPC):

  1. Attend a Career Prep Workshop. 
  2. Create a CPC account.
  3. Upload your resume.
  4. Your account will automatically be activated within 5 business days if all steps are completed.

Don't forget to attend a Career Fair. The Fall Career Fair is exclusively for the graduating class! This Fall Career Fair provides access to the greatest number of high potential employment opportunities of the recruitment season. More information can be found in CastlePointCareers.

Additional Resources

General Job Sites

America's Job Exchange

Engineering Sites

Engineering Central
The Engineering Job Search Central
Information on Careers and Specific Openings
Engineering and computer advice, companies, job listings, and more
The career hub for tech insiders

Biomedical and Chemical Engineering, Chemical Biology

Biotech, clinical research, and pharmaceutical news and jobs
Pharmaceutical, medical device and biotechnology industries
Life Science employment
Biochemist, Pharmaceutical, and Chemist openings
Jobs in materials, polymers, and ceramics


Premier destination for careers in marketing
Employment and recruitment in the financial job sector
Job leads, news/events, industry terminology
Careers in areas such as logistics, supply chain, and purchasing
Your connection for data and tech jobs

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering Central

Computer Science and Information Systems

Career Resources for IT and Engineering Professionals
Your connection for data and tech jobs
Healthcare information management & technology jobs
Serving the biomedical informatics community

Electrical Engineering

Company Database as well as job listings

Mechanical Engineering

Showcase of job openings and products for the ME community

Mechanical and aerospace engineering positions

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Resources for International Students

Stevens International Student and Scholar Services Office: Your primary resource for any questions related to visa sponsorship, CPT and OPT.

US Department of Labor: Tracks companies who have hired F-1(International) students in the past

Cultural Vistas: A non-profit organization that promotes international understanding through cross-cultural, on-the-job, practical training exchanges for students and professionals.

The Council on International Educational Exchange: A nonprofit, nongovernmental, educational organization founded in 1947 with the mission of developing educational exchanges and fostering international understanding.