Co-op For Undergrads

Co-op Eligibility and Requirements

First year students should attend all Co-op workshops, held in both the Fall and Spring semesters of their freshman year.

In order to be eligible to participate in Co-op interviews for their first work term, students must complete all first year course requirements (excluding humanities and gym), and be in good academic standing.

Students must be enrolled in MA 123 and MA 124 in the Spring semester in order to interview for a Summer position.

If a student is unable to begin the Spring semester with MA 123, then he/she can complete or transfer in MA 124 in Summer Session 1.  Once a passing grade or transfer credit is posted for MA 124 at the conclusion of Summer Session 1, the student may then enter the interviewing and pairing process for the Fall period. 

Taking Courses at Stevens While on Co-op

For students entering Stevens starting in Fall 2015 semester and after:

Students entering Fall 2015 or later may take an evening courses per term, after 6:00pm, while out on a Co-op work term.  There is no financial aid or scholarship available for courses taken while on Co-op.

For students who entered Stevens before Fall 2015 semester:

Students who entered the University before Fall 2015 may take an evening courses per term, after 6:00pm, while out on a Co-op work term.

One (1) course, per Co-op work term, will be covered by a Co-op grant valued at 3 tuition credits.  University fees must still be paid.

In order to receive the Co-op grant, please follow the process below:

  • Complete the Co-op Assignment Agreement with a Co-op staff member upon receiving a job offer.
  • Follow the registration dates posted on the Registrar's website.
  • Register for classes

Co-op requirements for all students

  • Students must complete one summer of study
  • To maximize your co-op experience, we require one “return” work term at an organization

Students can begin working as early as the summer after they complete their first year studies if they have completed all first year requirements with a minimum of a 2.2 GPA.


Know Your Co-op Schedule

Upon joining the program, each student meets with a Co-op staff member to discuss his/her specific Co-op schedule.  Custom Co-op schedules are available  for the Pinnacle Program, Study Abroad and Varsity Athletics. 

Students participating in the Stevens scholars program may also participate in the Cooperative Education program.  In order to utilize the three scholars summers, a scholars student scheduled to be on a Co-op assignment in a summer semester may elect to participate in either a co-op assignment OR take a scholars summer for that particular summer.  However, he/she must do their co-op designated summer of study where indicated on his/her co-op schedule (Semester 4 on Schedule A or Semester 5 on Schedule B), and it must be a tuition-bearing semester.  All students, regardless of whether they are scholars students or not, must pay for eight academic semesters.