The Euclid Program

Online courses in Physics, Math, and Computer Science

About Euclid

Registration for Summer 2016 courses will open in April. Incoming freshmen will be notified when Euclid courses are open for registration.

Stevens offers college level courses in physics, calculus and computer science, all from the convenience of your home computer.

Note: Class sizes are limited and preference will be given to students enrolling at Stevens in the fall semester.

Online Learning Platform

Stevens employs CANVAS to access your virtual classroom, a learning management system that has become very popular among educators around the world as a tool for creating online dynamic web sites for their students. The learning management system provides all the communication tools you need, such as email and threaded discussion forums.

Each course begins with Orientation Week, during which you will familiarize yourself with Moodle, your textbooks and other materials, as well as update your online information.

Online classes at Stevens are instructor-led, and run in the same way as classes are on campus. Complete the course requirements when it's convenient for you. The dedicated student who takes his or her responsibilities seriously will do well as an online student. E-learning is just as challenging as going to class on campus.

Course Offerings


Pre-Calculus (MA 90)

Calculus I (MA 121/122)


Physics I: Mechanics (PEP 111)

COMPUTER SCIENCE (not offered during Summer 2015)

Introduction to Scientific Computing (CS 105)

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WebCampus Features

Stevens’ online WebCampus courses are guided by outstanding faculty who teach both online and in conventional classrooms.

Courses are customized to suit an electronic teaching and learning environment.

Courses are the same fully-accredited courses taken by Stevens students.

You will communicate with your professor and classmates largely by e-mail, or through threaded discussions, attaching files and using other electronic communication tools 24 hours a day.

Turning to your online classmates is the best way to use this format. Engage in wide-ranging discussion, collaborate with your classmates, and you will enhance your experience, sharpen your knowledge, and deepen your academic experience.