Stevens Institute of Technology seeks to ensure that you have an accurate picture of the opportunities offered by a Stevens education, while also giving the Admissions Committee enough information to assess your potential for success in our environment. The following preparation is required for admission consideration:

High School Record

The quality of your work in high school is an accurate indication of your preparation for college. Your record should show satisfactory performance in the following areas, depending upon your chosen major of study:

  • For Engineering, Computer Science, and the Applied Sciences:
    Four years of English; four years of mathematics (one year of algebra; one year of geometry; one year of pre-calculus; and one year of calculus); three years of science (biology, chemistry and physics).
  • For Business and Science, Technology & Society:
    Four years of English; four years of mathematics (two years of algebra; one year of geometry; and one year of pre-calculus); three years of science (biology, chemistry and physics).
  • For Humanities:
    Four years of English; three years of mathematics (two years of algebra and one year of geometry); one year of science - either physics, chemistry or biology. These are minimum requirements. Students planning secondary concentrations in math or science should have more extensive preparation in these fields than indicated above.
  • For Accelerated Pre-Medicine Program:
    Four years of English; four years of college prep mathematics; three years of science (biology, chemistry and physics). We encourage you to pursue AP Biology and AP Chemistry, if possible. To be considered for the Accelerated Medicine Program, you must have a combined score of at least 1400 on the SAT I (critical reading and mathematics sections), and have taken the two SAT Subject Tests (Math Level I or II and Biology or Chemistry). You may take these tests in your junior or senior year. All tests should be completed by October of your senior year so that we have time to evaluate your scores.

English Language Requirement

All students must be capable of successfully completing a humanities course, which is required each semester. For that purpose, English language competence is generally indicated by:

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) minimum score of 550 (paper-based test) or 80 (computer based test), or an IELTS minimum score of 6.
  • Minimum SAT critical reading score of 550.