Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

How Will You Engineer the Future?
Mechanical Engineers help fix the major problems of the nation and world, designing and creating

  • Biomedical devices and technologies for health and rehabilitation
  • Energy and water solutions for a cleaner, greener earth
  • Infrastructure development in a fast-paced society
  • Security and defense applications for a safer world

A Bachelor of Engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering offers students a broad foundation in engineering and the liberal arts, with the deep disciplinary knowledge needed to succeed in industry and beyond. A Stevens degree leads to high-paying jobs immediately after graduation. Mechanical Engineers from the Stevens class of 2010 were offered an average of $61,050 straight out of college, more than the national average of $58,881. Mechanical Engineering ranked seventh on the National Association of Colleges and Employers 2009 list of the top 15 highest-earning college degrees.

Where Will Mechanical Engineering Take You?
Students can get an inside edge through Stevens hands-on co-op program, in which students take their knowledge into the professional world to explore career paths, build a resume and network of contacts, and receive a real-world education in industry. Students can also study abroad study abroad through Stevens extensive program.

Mechanical Engineering student Spencer English got the best of both worlds in Summer and Fall 2010 when he spent six months in Tianjin, China through co-op. There he worked for Walbro Engine Management, the world's largest manufacturer of carburetors and a major manufacturer of ignition systems, fuel injection and air/fuel management components, and fuel storage and delivery components for engines. Spencer jumped at the opportunity to pursue his passion abroad, even though he didn't speak the language. "I'm not one to turn down an opportunity to work in a foreign country," he says.

Mechanical Engineering Robotics Final Project

A Wealth of Opportunities
Mechanical Engineering students receive the opportunity to interact with industry before graduation through capstone Senior Design projects and other entrepreneurial initiatives. Several Senior Design projects have led to patent applications, a testament to the creative and entrepreneurial spirit of Stevens Mechanical Engineers. Faculty members are praised by students and alumni, and receive teaching awards for their work. Recent Faculty Teaching Award Recipients include Frank Fisher, David Capelleri, and Dhanunjay Boyalakuntla.

Customize your experience with a concentration in aerospace engineering, automotive engineering, biomedical engineering, mechatronics, pharmaceutical engineering, power plant engineering, product design and manufacturing, or robotics and automation.

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